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Silver Flake

Metalor is the worlds leading supplier of silver flakes and powders to the semiconductor die attach industry. Based on our proprietary technology with ionic purity levels of less than 10 PPM for Sodium, Potassium, & Chloride ions, Metalor products have found application in the rapidly growing Photovoltaic/solar cell market place. Other applications include Polymer Thick Film (PTF), Membrane Touch Switches (MTS), formable gaskets and other shielding materials. Metalor scientists & engineers are experts in surface chemistry and morphology control enabling joint development programs for optimizing thermal conductivity, dispensing properties, electrical conductivity, and applications where precise Particle Size Distribution is required.

Silver Processed Powder

Metalor’s processed powders are highly de-agglomerated and easily dispersed silver powders. The spherical processed silver powders are used in emerging display requirements, ceramic interconnect, low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) fabrication and passive component termination. The processed powders with their small particles sizes and irregular shape are well suited for inks used in RFID antennas, smart cards, disposable sensors, printed electronic (PE) applications and can be formulated for both ink-jet or screen printing. Processed powders are ideal for use as thixotropes in combination with flakes for conductive adhesive applications and as second component additions to silver flakes where optimum packing density is required for various applications.

Silver Powder

Metalor manufactures silver powders using its proprietary, patented process. Through precise computer control of this process Metalor is able to produce amorphous or spherical powders over a controlled range of particles sizes and distributions. Computer controlled post-processing techniques developed by Metalor further refine the physical properties of the powders, increasing both utility and value to the end-users. Metalor’s patented technology yields silver powders with the lowest concentration of ionic impurities in the industry. The high purity and controlled sizes make these powders ideal for electrical contact applications. Ionically pure die attach adhesives minimize the potential for metal corrosion of semiconductor die.

Gold Flake

Highly engineered flake solution that enables customers to formulate systems destined for use in low temperature medical and other high-reliability applications.
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Precious Metal Chemicals

Metalor Technologies manufacture precious metal salts, solutions, anodes and crystals from silver, gold and platinum group metals. These products are used for a variety of purposes in the chemical, petrochemical, automobile, pharmaceutical, plating and electronics industries.